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Bill Mack has produced relief sculptures for over 30 years and is internationally recognized as the contemporary master of this art form. He has developed a unique style called "alto relief" in which some elements of his creations project from the background into full-round parts. Since introducing his works in Galleries a decade ago, he has received worldwide recognition, and editions of his relief sculptures are regularly selling out.

Examples of his work are included in the collections of celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Curtis and Sylvester Stallone, and politicians including Presidents Clinton, Reagan and Ford, and world leaders such as Mikhail Gorbechev and Chinese Premier Jiang Zemin. Mack has also created numerous commissions such as his relief sculpture titled "Hope," in memory of his friend, Ryan White, for the Ryan White Foundation, and sculptures of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Arthur Ashe, and other famous athletes that are enshrined in the Halls of Fame of their respective sports. Albert Einstein, or his sold-out studies of the majestic Bald Eagle.

Bill Mack is a master draftsman. His relief sculptures are prefigured by many drawings before he begins the actual sculpting. Mack's work also responds to another unique requirement to successfully accomplish relief sculpture: the ability to foreshorten. To appear realistic, the figures, or objects in a relief sculpture must be altered to correct the optical distortion inherent in this art form. This manipulation of the distorted third dimension is a special skill that separates Bill Mack from all other artists, and can only be acquired through decades of extensive experience.

By any measure, the unique, individually-signed works produced by Bill Mack not only represent the evolution of a basic art form, but continue to strike a responsive chord in the eyes of Mack's collectors and admirers worldwide.

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Bill Mack, Rapture


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