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Edgardo F. Garcia was born  i n the Philippines. He received  his B.S. degree in Education from Manuel  L. Quezon University. In 1969 Garcia moved  to California, eventually settling in the  San Francisco bay area. 

His first love was always painting. Largely  self-taught, increditably he became an art  instructor. Often reminiscent of the old masters, his artworks became noted for their great versatility  of subjects - seascapes, landscapes, still lifes, florals,  rainforests, skyscapes, marine life,  wildlife and portraits.  

After moving to Hawaii, he quickly  won wide acclaim as one of the island's  foremost artists. His son Walfrido, a  former student, is also internationally  collected and also specializes in  marine art. Garcia's other two sons,  Gerardo and Edgardo, II, are also  painters. 

In 1995, Garcia's world-class reputation  was further enhanced when, for the  first time, he made his paintings  available In limited edition prints  where they. were premiered at the  New York Artexpo. 

He searches for the spirit of the sea  and the soul of the sky. He is inspired by  the myths and the legends of the Tropics... by  the lure and the call of Bali Ha'i. 

A true world-class artist, his captivating seascapes  exhibit a technique perfected to capture the  ocean in motion. From his brush flows the  strokes of genius, mystical in passion and bliss, as  they enshrine the canvas with heavenly choruses of color.  

In his artworks one notes the enchanted splendor his  of the South Seas alive in a glory that is as radiant the that  as it is timeless. For his paintings become his  cherished realms of 'cosmic grace and  celebration, beckoning you to the eternal beauty  of his vision of what lies beyond paradise.   

He is Hawaii's master artist extraordinaire... Edgardo F. Garcia.  


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