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Motivated by the articles that he read in Life  magazine, Bijan left his native country of Iran with  the intention of coming to the United States, where he  would have the freedom that he cherished so dearly. When  he was only 15 years old, he traveled through Europe before  departing for New York City. 

After spending several months in New York, Bijan  decided to go to California, where his brother was living.  

Although Bijan did not speak English, it took him only four  weeks of attending school before he was able to speak  English fluently enough to decide that the United States was  going to be his permanent home. 

After graduating from Newport Harbor High School,  Bijan attended California College of Arts and Crafts. He  graduated with a B.A. in Industrial Design, and a minor in  Photography. Afterwards, he went back to Europe to see first-  hand those places he studied in school. 

When Bijan returned to tile United States, he settled in  southern California, where he devoted the next 10 years to  his work with acrylic. The quality of Bijan's sculptures, that  were exhibited ill New York City in 1979, greatly impressed  the President of Baccarat, and he contracted Bijan as all 
artist-in-residence to create sculptures in crystal for them;  one of which became the fastest selling sculpture in their  history. 

However, it is with acrylic that Bijan feels that he best  expresses the beauty and creativity within him. It is visibly  apparent that each of his sculptures is conceived through a  labor of love. Working in a fabrication studio, Bijan designs and cuts raw blocks of the highest quality acrylic available  and transforms them into timeless works of art.  

Bijan's sculptures can be found in the National Air and  Space Museum at tile Smithsonian Institute, the Baccarat  Museum of Paris, the Newport Harbor Art Museum, the  corporate offices of Standard Oil International, and other  prestigious locations. His work has been commissioned  from clients such as Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Studios and the  Long Beach Children's Memorial Hospital. 

Articles on Bijan and his works have been included ill  Vogue Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Architectural Digest,  Dallas Times, Interior Design Magazine,' Chicago Sun, and  other publications. 

Bijan's limited edition sculptures are currently being exhibited in many fine art galleries, in addition Io enhancing prestigious art collections throughout the world. 

Bijan Bahar, Dawn



Bijan Bahar, In Flight



Bijan Bahar, Dancer



Bijan Bahar, Eye of the Pyramid


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